In 2006, fans worldwide fell in love with “Like Dat,” the charming, down-to-earth yet no-nonsense character from VH1’s hit show Flavor of Love Season 2 & Flavor of Love Girls Charm School Hosted by Mo’Nique; now it’s time for the woman behind the alter ego to emerge.


That would be Darra Boyd, a New York native, Jersey City resident and driven entrepreneur who boasted over a decade’s worth of experience in advertising and marketing, working with such companies as Merck & Co, Bristol Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories, as well as renound ad agencies TMP Worldwide and Foote, Cone & Belding. All that and a family business in real estate, she was pretty busy before being cast for these shows.


Darra took a chance on a career change and answered the casting call for season 2 of the Flavor of Love. To her surprise, the casting managers loved her audition and offered her a spot on what would eventually become a number-one rated show for the VH1 network. Articles in the Jersey Journal, Jersey City’s Number 1 newspaper and interviews on WBLS’ “The Wendy Williams Show” and the nationally syndicated “Tyra Banks Show”, helped the fame of the Season 2 girls to grow to astronomical proportions. There was no other choice, cast some of the Flavor of Love girls on a new show…Charm School, Hosted by Mo’Nique.  And so the “Reality Celebrity” fame began.


But Darra did not just take the exciting path down red carpets and exclusive parties that most actors in her position do.  Instead of relishing in her “15 minutes of fame” she created opportunities that would last longer and ensure that the name “Like Dat” would not be forgotten. In 2006 Darra created Ajna Media & Marketing Group, Inc., A boutique Marketing and Media Consulting firm specializing in several business industries with a focus on Fashion, Entertainment, Non-Profit, and New Business Development. In 2007 she began her comedy career and made sure that she was on every relevant stand-up stage in NYC; Eastville Comedy Club, NY Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club name a few. From 2008-2009 she worked tirelessly to be featured on almost every NYC produced television show and feature film, receiving featured background roles on Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Mercy, Nurse Jackie, Rescue Me, The Big C and in feature films SALT, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Adjustment Bureau and HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack.  Principle roles in 2 International films helped secure her fame in Moscow, where they continue to show Season 2 of the Flavor of Love with her voice dubbed over in Russian.


Darra continues to support every aspect of what she has started since leaving the corporate lifestyle. Her Monday night Comedy Show, “The Z Room” is the mastermind of Darra and 2 other comics, South Jersey Comedian & DJ Nick Z and NYC Comic “Big” Ben Rosenfeld. The Z Room is hosted by Darra “Like Dat” Boyd every Monday night in Murray Hill, where these 3 comics produce this free comedy show. Their patrons, The Pine Tree Lodge Bar & Grill offer drink specials the entire night and an awesome Caribbean cuisine. Ajna Media & Marketing Group, Inc., still boasts one of the best boutique Marketing Consulting firms in NYC.  With her experience and personal touch, clients always remain satisfied. And Darra the actor is flourishing, currently in production with a short film about the relationship between 2 best friends, and in negotiations with the producers of another international film. Darra is the hot ticket who keeps it all really quiet. The icing on the cake?  She has been recently cast for the new animated series The Borderhounds.


When asked in an interview “Where will you see her next?”  Darra always answers, “You never know where you will see me. You just might look up from your slice of pizza and there I am.  Only because, I’m not afraid of a check!”  Well, she is proving everyday that she is not afraid.  She continues to grow as she continues to go!