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Low-Ki information

NAME: Brandon Silvestry
DOB: September 6, 1979 (31yo)
HERITAGE: Puerto Rican, Italian
BACKGROUND: Aikido, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Pro Wrestling

Regarded as one of the best Professional Wrestlers in the World and has competed in:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Japan

International Professional Wrestling Superstar (1997-PRESENT)

1.Has been a star in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE 2009-2010 television & PPV)
2.Has been a star and champion in Total Nonstop Action (TNA 2002-2008 television & PPV)
3.Has been a star and champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling ( NJPW 2008-2009 television & PPV)
4.Has been a star and champion in ZERO ONE PRO WRESTLING (Z1 2002-2004  television & PPV)
5.Has been a star in PRO WRESTLING NOAH (2004 - 2006 television & PPV)
6.Has been a star in ALL JAPAN PRO WRESTLING (2003 television & PPV)

7.Has been in video game "King of Colliseum 2" for the PS2 game system (Japan 2004)
8.Has been in video game "TNA: IMPACT!" for XBOX 360/PS2/Wii (2008)
9. Supplied the Voice of "Suicide" in the "TNA IMPACT!" video game
10.Has action figure for "Total Nonstop Action: TNA series 8" as "SENSHI" (2007)

11. 2001 September Issue of "The Source! Magazine"
12. 2007: MTV MADE Season 8 Episode 23 : Professional Wrestler (trainer/coach)

13. Supplied the Voice of "Suicide" in the "TNA IMPACT!" video game