Always one to soak up the spotlight, Leilene Vu’s career has taken her through many exotic twists and turns as she has taken on various roles in several forms of media. From watching her play out any of her numerous passions, be it on acting, producing, modeling, or other business ventures, it is immediately obvious that there is more to Leilene than just curves.

Viewers of VH1 know Leilene as “Smiley”, her character’s name in the network’s reality series
I Love Money 2,
Charm School and
Flavor of Love.  She has also had guest roles in the ESPN series
Playmakers and the Canadian sci fi series
Odyssey 5. Starting  with
Detroit Rock City in 1999, Leilene has appeared in several movies, including a lead role in
Hotel California. Her latest projects are a horror film entitled
Killer Hoo Ha and the Paul Mooney Showtime special
It’s the End of the World. In addition to these credits, Leilene has been immortalized on  Bench Warmer's trading cards.
Leilene grew up in Toronto and was a complete tomboy throughout childhood. To teach Leilene more lady-like manners, her mother persuaded her to enroll in the Judy Welch School of Modeling, which produced the likes of Linda Evangelista and Monika Schnarre. Leilene then shed her boyish ways and embarked on a successful modeling career in Canada where she was considered one of their “Premiere Glamour Models.” Leilene had the honor of being the only woman of color to ever place in an Italian beauty pageant. 
The ambitious entertainer that she is, it was only a matter of time before Leilene packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles.  She has since won numerous roles on both television and on the big screen.  With her exotic, sultry, beauty and magnetic personality, Leilene was 'asked' to appear on 2005’s
WWE Raw Diva Search, which was followed by a stint on Spike TV's
TNA and their pay-per-view specials.

In her downtime, Leilene loves the extreme side of life. She has not only learned the art of fire eating and bullwhipping, but does Russian Martial Arts and is trained in ancient Chinese discipline of Wushu. She's all about organic food. And she considers herself a geek at heart -- she especially loves military themed strategy video games -- games that really make her think.  She is definitely a geek, albeit edgier and sexier than the average geek.

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